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Lynx 2


Lynx 2

Lynx 2 - Ultimate Device Customization for iOS 14

Requires Cephei from Chariz, and libsparkcolourpicker and libSparkAppList

On iOS 12 or 13? Try out Lynx 1

If you cannot purchase Lynx for any reason, contact me on Twitter and we can work something out

Current Features

Lynx Settings Page

  • Choice between list or grid layout
  • Search bars for looking for specific feature

SpringBoard (System Wide)

  • Select Dark/Light apps
  • Select custom app tint (badges, navigation bars, tab bars)
  • Hide Bluetooth and Paste banners
  • Disable plugged in vibration
  • Lock device when facedown
  • Hide Dock Background
  • Hide Dock divider (iPadOS)
  • Double tap Homescreen to lock
  • Disable SpringBoard rotation
  • Hide table view separators
  • Use modern table view style
  • Hide scroll bars
  • Hide search bars
  • Hide search bar backgrounds
  • Hide Home Bar (globally, lockscreen & homescreen)
  • Use custom Home Bar height & width
  • Use small navigation bar titles
  • Hide navigation bar accent line
  • Select custom switch color
  • Hide system separators
  • Tint tab bar badges with app
  • Hide tab bar labels
  • Use haptic feedback on tab bar buttons
  • Hide Homescreen page dots
  • Hide screenshot preview
  • Disable screenshot sound
  • Hide open folder background
  • Hide open folder title
  • Hide folder icon background view


  • Enable MagSafe animation
  • Hide clock label
  • Hide clock subtitle
  • Custom clock alpha
  • Custom clock subtitle alpha
  • Set custom clock font weight
  • Set custom clock font size
  • Set custom clock font
  • Hide Control Center grabber
  • Hide battery view
  • Always use Do Not Disturb dark style
  • Hide Press to 'Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text
  • Use custom 'Press to Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text
  • Show Press to 'Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text immmediately
  • Hide Page Dots
  • Hide Do Not Disturb banner
  • Pull to clear notifications
  • Use Modern notification icons
  • Hide notification swipe separators
  • Hide passcode cancel button
  • Hide passcode emergency button
  • Hide passcode backspace button
  • Hide 'Enter Passcode' text
  • Use custom 'Enter Passcode' text
  • Use passcode button haptic feedback
  • Hide both or individual Lockscreen quick action buttons
  • Hide Lockscreen quick action button background blur
  • Show number of notifications in app group
  • Hide 'No Older Notifications'

App Library

  • Disable App Library on iPhone
  • Open in list mode by default
  • Hide Pod background blur
  • Hide Pod category name
  • Hide folder app labels
  • Hide folder titles
  • Hide search bar blur
  • Hide magnifying glass icon
  • Haptic feedback on open
  • Haptic feedback on close

Status Bar

  • Use iPad style on iPhone
  • Hide iPad style date
  • Hide Camera and Microphone usage dot
  • Hide breadcrumbs
  • Hide globally
  • Hide on Lockscreen
  • Hide on Homescreen
  • Hide battery
  • Hide battery bolt
  • Show battery percentage inside icon
  • Hide Wi-Fi signal
  • Hide cell signal
  • Hide clock
  • Hide carrier text
  • Hide location arrow
  • Hide rotation lock
  • Hide Do No Disturb moon
  • Hide Bluetooth icon
  • Hide Alarm bell
  • Hide Airplane mode
  • Hide VPN icon
  • Hide CarPlay icon
  • Hide 'Not Charging' text
  • Hide lock icon (non notched devices)
  • Hide screen recording colored pill/bar
  • Hide screen recording pill/bar
  • Use Wi-Fi address as carrier text
  • Use custom carrier text
  • Use current date as carrier, and set custom format
  • Use custom time format


  • Hide 3D Touch remove stack
  • Hide 3D Touch configure widget
  • Hide 3D Touch configure stack
  • Hide 3D Touch edit homescreen
  • Hide 3D Touch share app
  • Hide 3D Touch delete app
  • Hide 3D Touch pause download
  • Hide 3D Touch cancel download
  • Hide 3D Touch prioritize download
  • Hide 3D Touch separators
  • Hide 3D Touch images
  • Show Wi-Fi address on settings platter
  • Show battery percentage on settings platter
  • Add 'Clear Badges' option
  • Hide icon labels
  • Use custom icon label color
  • Hide recently updated dots
  • Hide beta app dots
  • Use average icon badge color
  • Hide icon badges
  • Hide icon badge text

App Switcher

  • Use grid style (iPhone)
  • Use page style (iPad)
  • Hide app suggestion banner
  • 3D Touch to kill all running apps
  • Use kill all apps confirmation
  • Prevent killing of now playing apps
  • Disable side 3D touch gesture


  • Hide labels on Homescreen
  • Hide stack side scroll dots
  • Tap on battery widget for Low Power Mode
  • Hide battery widget empty rings
  • Hide battery widget separator lines (4x4)
  • Hide Siri widget separator lines (4x4)

Control Center

  • Disable Control Center
  • Actually disable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Hide Camera and Microphone usage label
  • Use rounded modules
  • Show volume and brightness slider percentages
  • Hide top chevron


  • Use custom first name
  • Use custom last name
  • Hide cell icons
  • Use rounded cell icons
  • Hide chevrons
  • Hide 3rd Party Apps
  • Hide COVID-19 exposure notifications
  • Show local Wi-Fi address


  • Hide 'Up Next' & 'Queue' popups
  • Show all recently added songs in Library
  • Use 3 column recently added list (iPhone)


  • Skip photo deletion
  • Show image size in title
  • Use infinite zoom


  • Replace Arcade tab with updates button


  • Hide dialer button background
  • Show exact call time
  • Change date format of calls
  • Hide 3rd party app calls
  • Hide voicemail tab
  • Hide call button background
  • Use custom call button background


  • Hide pinned conversation glow
  • Hide separators in conversation list
  • Use custom pinned bubble background color
  • Use custom pinned bubble label text color


  • Use iPad style layout
  • Hide recent picture preview
  • Disable shutter sound

Experimental features

  • Use notched status bar on non native device
  • Use flat Safari search bar
  • Set custom screen corner radius
  • Use custom icon scale

# Changes
* Added option to disable parallax effect on Homescreen wallpaper
* Added option to hide CarPlay icon labels
* Added option to hide CarPlay icon label backgrounds
* Added option to use custom number of icon columns in CarPlay
* Added option to always show battery icon in CarPlay, even if device is connected via USB
* Added option to show current temperature in CarPlay Status Bar
* Added option to choose which edge of screen to display CarPlay Status Bar
* Added option to set custom wallpaper in CarPlay
* Increased sensitivity of swipe gesture to kill all apps in App Switcher
* Added option to bypass 'Recently Deleted' album & remove media items in Photos permanently
* Added option to enable FluidUI gestures on devices with Home Button (Thanks ETHN)
* Changed badge coloring logic on folder icons to use the average color of the first icon with notifications # Fixes
* Fixed missing ability to set custom icon label color
* Fixed Lockscreen date view using wrong date formatter when displaying seconds
* Fixed Status Bar displaying improperly on certain notched iPhones
* Fixed Homescreen page dots not hiding properly
Version 2.4.5
Downloads 969
Author MTAC
iOS Version(s) 13.0-16.7