OneSettings is a tweak for the Settings app. It mimics the Settings app from Samsung’s OneUI to iOS!

Ever wanted to hide the search bar and the iCloud account cell? With OneSettings you can do just that!

There is plenty of customizability and features in the preference bundle for any person’s taste. Subtitles for table cells? Sure! Custom settings background? Why not? Table view insets and corner radius? Of course! Spoof storage amount? Yep! There are many, many features and more are to come in updates!


  • iOS 13 and 14
  • NOT compatible with iPadOS
  • Does NOT currently support RTL languages

General Customization:

  • Jailbreak Icon
  • Device and iOS


  • Custom Colors
    • Background Color
    • Navbar Dark/Light Color
    • Table View Dark/Light Color
    • Account Button Dark/Light Color
    • Search Button Dark/Light Color

Custom Background Image:

  • Dark Mode Image
  • Light Mode Image


  • Position of Search Button
    • X-offset
    • Y-offset
  • Position of Account Button
    • X-offset
    • Y-Offset


  • Center Settings Title
  • Settings Title Visibility
  • Title Value
  • Bold/Unbold Settings Title

Table Cells:

  • Table Cell Height
  • Table Cell Labels
  • Table View Insets
  • Table View Corner Radius
  • Remove Separators 
  • Icons
  • Bold Labels
  • Circle Icons
  • Arrow Accessory
  • Switches Enabled
  • Selected Table Cell Background
  • Spoof Storage w/ Storage Amount

Account Cell:

  • Alternative Account Icon
  • Stock iCloud Cell
  • iCloud Profile Picture

*Fixed crashes regarding various third party application preference bundles.
*Fixed a crash with the uptime cell in General > About.
*Fixed crashes on iOS 16.
*Fixed an issue where the Wi
*Fi page would not get colored when using custom table view colors.
*Fixed an issue with some tweak icons not being correct when grouped.
*Fixed an issue with the option to hide the “Arrow Accessory.”
*Fixed an issuw with third party slider cells that would trigger issues.
*Fixed an issue with the language picker in the keyboard in the Settings app.
Version 2.0.4
Downloads 495
Author Nightwind
iOS Version(s) 13.0-latest