Phone, reimagined. Brings a more unified design to the phone app!

If you think about it, doesn't the stock Phone app look and feel really boring? Novus is here to really freshen up your iOS experience. I mean that's technically the main reason to use a phone (or at least used to be). It completely redesigned the app and gives it a whole new feel, and also blends in much better with the messages app, for instance.

If you have purchased BigSurCenter, you will get 20% off the price! The same goes for BigSurCenter if you purchase Novus.

Please keep in mind that visual voice mail currently doesn't work, only by call. This is because my carrier, for some unbelievable reason, hasn't updated to use it yet.. I do plan on changing carriers to add this feature in the near future.

* Support for rootless jailbreaks such as Dopamine! Read the description before updating.
* Minor fixes and improvements.
Version 1.1.0
Downloads 470
Author nicho1asdev
iOS Version(s) 12.0-16.2