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Get a last look at your Notification Center when you lock your phone!

Do you often lock your phone then unlock it instantly to check the hour, or if you have a pending notification? If yes, then LastLook is for you!

Useful, Gorgeous look

Every time you lock your phone, it will show content from your Notification Center for a few seconds, while fading out your wallpaper for a clean look.
And for those of you who have the chance to have an OLED screen, it will look even more gorgeous!
A video is way better than words, check out these videos to see it in action!

Almost stock

LastLook is made so that it doesn't change the stock locking process. So when LastLook is visible, your phone will still be in locked state, thus you'll be able to use Raise to Wake or Tap to Wake (iPhone X and above) to resume the screen.
Also, it triggers every time your phone gets locked, either it's when using Lock button, Activator action, or if the phone locks itself due to inactivity.


You can choose the amount of time you want elements to be on screen, up to 30 seconds.
There's also an option to disable it when you have LPM enabled. But to be honest, battery consumption is almost 0, so you shouldn't have to enable this :)
You can chose the elements you want to keep on screen when you lock the phone:

  • Hour and date (compatible with Kalm, JellyFish, ...)
  • Unread notifications
  • Old notifications
  • Media player
  • Status Bar

It's compatible with all devices from iOS 12 to 15.7
It's fully compatible with tweaks that modify the hour view and even looks more gorgeous with them (I've tried with Kalm and JellyFish, feel free to ask me for others). It's also compatible with tweaks modifying the media player or notifications (like Sylph, Axon, Grupi, ...).

*New touch gesture action: Open Control Center
*Hide Notification Summary when LastLook is visible
*Fix time not updating on iOS 15 for some users
Version 3.6.5
Downloads 1350
Author AnthoPak
iOS Version(s) 12.0-16.2