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CarBridge (rootless)


CarBridge (rootless)

NEW: Works on rootless on iOS 15 and 16!

Welcome to CarBridge
Give your car superpowers with CarBridge! Open any app from your phone and use it on your CarPlay enabled car!
Features include:

  • Open any app in CarPlay (with the exemption of DRM enabled video streaming apps)
  • Display any app on the car with its original phone layout, as you remember it
  • Utilize the full power of your apps without limitation and use different apps on your phone and your car
  • View and control your phone right from your car’s touch screen without picking your phone up
  • Hide a larger selection of CarPlay apps. Spotify user? Goodbye Apple Music! Google Maps? See ya Apple Maps.

CarBridge for iOS 13/14 is a complete rewrite of the original CarBridge for iOS 10 and is a paid upgrade due to the changes in CarPlay on iOS 13.
CarBridge is designed to be used with touchscreen enabled CarPlay units, if you only have a joystick you can still use the Portal app to view your phone’s screen on your car.

*Fixed rotation issue with apps like YouTube on iOS 16
*Fixed installation alert spam
*Added Hebrew localization
Version 2.0.12k
Downloads 8906
Author leftyfl1p
iOS Version(s) 15.0-latest