InstaLauncher 2

InstaLauncher 2 is a system wide application launcher. It allows you to swipe from the device edges to show a launcher of your choice.
Version 1.0 has been tested on: iPhone X (12.4) - iPad Air 2 (12.4.5) - iPhone SE (13.2.2) - iPad Mini 2 (12.4.4) - iPad 6 (13.4.1) - iPhone 6 (12.4.4) - iPhone SE (13.4.1) - iPhone 7 (13.4.1)
Open your apps in milliseconds
3 launcher styles included, Classic, Dock, Drawer
Add favorite apps for even faster launching
Smooth gestures to activate launchers
Themes, all aspect of launchers can be adjusted to fit your theme setup
Dark mode settings
Right/Left handed mode
Using InstaLauncher 2:
Swipe from the indicator on the side of your screen to open the launcher, continue to swipe to the application you want to release.
(iPhone only) Flick from the indicator to keep the launcher open, then you can tap / swipe on the app you want.
(Drawer launcher only) After flicking open the launcher, you can scroll down to see all apps in alphabetical order.

*Replace AltList in an attempt to prevent respring loop
Version 1.11.0
Downloads 644
Author Jonathan Winger Lang
iOS Version(s) 5.0-latest