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Elysian is a beautiful, creative and an exceedingly delightful iOS theme that brings very modern techniques to icon designs while remaining true to the stock feel of iOS. The background of each icon is covered with a stunning and vibrant color palette to make sure each glyph pops the right second you have your eyes on it.
While I remained faithful with Viola to the promise of keeping it updated always and making it bigger and bigger each update, I also intend to make Elysian support a very large set of icons with each update.

Elyisan features

  • More than 300 icons (312)
  • More than 40 alternative icons (41)
  • Custom made settings icons
  • Custom made notification badges
  • Custom made Elysian Mask

Elysian updates

As already mentioned above, Elysian will be heavily focused on updates for the following reasons

  • Add more icons with every update (every two weeks)
  • Enhancements design-wise to existing icons
  • Fixes to existing bundle-IDs
  • Improve support to settings icons
  • Exciting new stuff

Elysian icon requests

One of the most important feature each theme should provide is icon requests.
Elysian is NO different and each user with a valid copy of Elysian have the right to request icons under the following strict rules

  • You can request up to 5 icons
  • You can make your icon requests under this email: elysian.requests1@gmail.com
  • You have to provide a proof of purchase (transaction/email screenshot is enough)
  • The icon request format should be like this : (app name - bundle ID)
  • You can get the app's bundleID here or by downloading Bundley (from Sparkdev repo)
  • It's optional to provide your country name (helps me to quickly identify apps that are specific to a certain Appstore region)

Elysian Notes

  • Paypal me if you wish to help supporting Elysian updates.
  • Join our discord server for more updates & support for Elysian here
  • Once you purchase Elysian all future update are free.
  • Elysian is available on Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer
  • Elysian is supported on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running iOS 7.x through iOS 14.x

Elysian refund policy

Change of mind returns are usually allowed within 24 hours of the purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Excessively rude or vulgar refund requests will be rejected.

Special Thanks

  • To my beloved mother who's been always there for me while I struggled to make this happen
  • To this amazing community that supported me through the years, Y'all mean to me a lot!
  • To the beta testers who helped improve Elysian
  • To a very special person close to my heart "O" (who btw picked the date of the release)

*add icons for new bundle ID for Libhooker and Taurine that belongs to Coolstar repo fixed other stuff
Version 1.4.1
Downloads 943
Author Bossgfx
iOS Version(s) 7.0-latest