Genesis 3

NOTE: Genesis 3 does not currently support XinaA15. Please do not purchase Genesis 3 unless you are using palera1n.

Genesis 3 is not intended to support iOS 16-16.1.2. All bug reports for those versions will be ignored.

Genesis 3 is the long awaited successor to Genesis 2. Not all features from the previous iteration are present currently, but I will be working to gradually implement the remaining features in future updates.


Genesis 3 has not been tested on all devices. If you experience any functionality issues, please feel free to either message me on Twitter or send me an email. Please be aware that I do have a job and a fairly busy life outside of tweak development, so it may take me a day or two before I am able to get back to you.



  • Animations
    1. Disable Icon Fly-In
    2. Disable Parallax Effect
  • Home Screen
    1. Disable App Library
    2. Disable Spotlight
    3. Hide Dock Background
    4. Hide Icon Labels
    5. Hide Page Dots
    6. Icon Layout (Columns/Rows)
    7. Icon Spacing
    8. Dock/Icon Scaling
  • Lock Screen
    1. Disable Camera/Today Views
    2. Hide Charging Indicator
    3. Hide FaceID Lock
    4. Redesign (Time, Date and Weather Options)
  • Power Menu
    1. Redesign (PowerTap Style)
  • Status Bar
    1. Custom Carrier
    2. Hide Breadcrumbs
    3. Hide Location Indicator
    4. Hide Rotation Lock
    5. Show Percentage in Battery (iOS 16 Style)
  • More to come...

* Added option to Hide Charging Indicator on Lock Screen
* Added option to Resize Icons
* Decreased font size of Modern Battery percentage
Version 1.0.1
Downloads 358
Author ItzNebbs
iOS Version(s) 15.0-15.7.1