Bring color to your app switcher, based on app icon! With nice color transition while scrolling.
This tweak colors your app switcher background, based on the app icon color of the currently selected app. The color transitions nicely while you scroll between your apps.
You can set the level of transparency of your preference. Screenshots you can see are taken with 20% of transparency, then 50%.
Not a huge fan of all these colors? You can set the coloring to be based on the app snapshot instead of the app icon. If you have lots of dark mode apps, it looks pretty neat!
The settings pane allows you to:

  • Choose coloring based on app icon or app snapshot
  • Use alernate color (when using a dark theme, it could help to get a better color detection)
  • Set the level of transparency

It's fully optimized. You won't notice a single difference in performances, even if you scroll through apps rapidly.
It's compatible from iOS 11.0 to iOS 13.x and it supports A12 devices!
Compatible with Gesto.
It will NOT work if you have a grid style layout, like when using fleetingSwitcher11 tweak. I can't really do something on this, since there are 4 apps per screen, there is no notion of "current app".

*Fix stability issues on Xina jailbreak
*Fix DRM Pop Up
Version 1.1.5-1
Downloads 621
Author AnthoPak
iOS Version(s) 11.0-15.7.1