WaggleTunes makes music controls more accessible to you ~ all the time, everywhere on your phone!
What is WaggleTunes?
Highly customizable, WaggleTunes adds a floating music player atop your screen. WaggleTunes is draggable, tappable, and most importantly, hapticable! 
WaggleTunes knows when you're listening to music, and presents itself for easy control, but with it's minimally intrusive design when tucked away, all it takes to regain your precious real estate is a tap! 
WaggleTunes currently supports the following preferences:

  • Enable/Disable WaggleTunes on the lock screen 
  • Optionally hide WaggleTunes in screenshots
  • Keep the WaggleTunes controller in a default location specially chosen for your device, or give you complete control by dragging it around
  • Optional haptic feedback
  • Album cover sizes
  • Colorize the controls with your now playing artwork's cover, or remain in a dark mode responsive black and white mode
  • Use filled icons compatible with UI theming services such as Snowboard UI, or the default outline Apple icons
  • And MANY more to come!

*Make WaggleTunes free, and avoid a DRM check
*Open source online shortly on GitHub
Version 1.3.1
Downloads 25
Author HallieHax
iOS Version(s) 13.0-14.8