Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate~

  • Download tweaks for free in Installer 5, Saily, Sileo, and Zebra
  • Bypass anti-CyDown DRM on repos
Known Issues
  • A tweak not being found on the server is not a bug, don't DM me saying Erika isn't working if you see that error message
  • **Xina users:** If you try Erika with Sileo it will do nothing, with rooted Saily it will crash. Use only with the *rootless* Saily.
How to Use
  • In everything except Saily, tap the tweak's icon at the top of the depiction page.
  • In Saily, tap the Buy button and select Erika from the dropdown menu
  • Once the Erika screen appears, tap Download and wait for it to finish
  • If it says Success at the top, tap Get Zappy to go to Filza. Obviously this requires having Filza, which everyone should have anyway
  • Install like you would any other deb. For iOS 15 jailbreaks, you will need Filza 4.0 or higher

*Fix the Get Zappy not showing bug
Version 1.10.3
Downloads 2025
Author Paisseon
iOS Version(s) 11.0-15.7.2