Are you annoyed by the limitation of having only one instance of an application available on iOS? Well, Crane allows you to create multiple containers per application!

But what does container mean in this context? A container contains all the data stored by the application. This essentially means you can switch between multiple instances of an application.
The biggest use case for this is switching between accounts on apps that normally don't support multiple accounts, such as WhatsApp or Discord. It should also work for any other application. An optional feature called "Separate Keychains" is also available, this can be used to mitigate some applications signing you out when switching containers.
Switching containers can be done either from the settings page, or more easily by using a haptic touch shortcut that's added to the related application.

For each application you can set one container to be the default container, this container will be used when Crane is not loaded or the device is not jailbroken.

Additionally, Crane has the ability create backup files for containers that can later be restored, this backup functionality integrates with the Files app for a seamless experience. It can be used to just backup the data, or you could also use it to transfer a certain container to a different device (that also has Crane installed).
Note that a separate package called "Crane Lite" also exists that will allow you to test the functionality of Crane, although with the limitation of only being able to use it for one application at a time.
Support plan: Updates will always be free, an update for iOS 14 is guaranteed. If Crane ever gets discontinued, it will be made free and open source.

* Add full support for iOS 15.0 | 15.7.1
* Fix an issue where the Game Center account selection could appear in container settings even though Game Center support is disabled for the app
* Updated chinese localization, thanks to CydaiDEV
Version 1.3.2
Downloads 1154
Author opa334
iOS Version(s) 13.0-14.8