A lustrous & radiant iOS theme pack. Designed specifically to take over the iOS stock look with a brilliant gradient with icons that have the same iOS stock concept but seem very charming and satisfying to the eyes.

  • Dark mode
  • Glyph's mode
  • Black mode

For each mode

  • +500icons for each
  • +45 alternative icons
  • Settings icons
  • Badges
  • 10 Wallpapers


  • Lucent will get updates every 2-3 weeks containing :
  • At least 50 new icons
  • slight enhancements to existing icons 
  • Updates might be delayed if I’m busy with my work
  • You can always follow [my updates on twitter]

Icon requests

  • Lucent is open to icon suggestions, you can make your requests via this [email] ([email protected]) or DM me on Twitter 
  • Provide proof of purchase (transaction screenshot)
  • You can request up to 20 icons
  • Please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID)
  • You can get the app's bundleID [here] or by downloading BundleIDsXI (BundleIDsXII for A12) from Cydia/Sileo or any other package manager.

*200 New overall Icons
*50 New Dark icons
*50 New Black icons
*50 New Glyphs icons
*50 New White icons Icons enhancements & redesign
*6k OVERALL icons!
Version 2.1
Downloads 183
Author BeBarhoum
iOS Version(s) 7.0-latest