Ava Status Bar

Perfect match to use with Ava UI, Descent UI & Reva UI.

Ava Status Bar Redesign Cellular, Wifi, LTE elements. including Battery pack with charging & Draining percentage support.

Must checkout Ava UI & Ava CC for perfect match design.

Ava Status Bar features:

• 1753 icons total included in this package

• Cellular, Wifi, icons

• LTE icons support like G, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G with unique way

• Dual sim support

• Battery Pack with Percentage Support

• Custom System icons (Airplane, Alarm, Call indicator, Bluetooth, Airpod, Headset Battery, Location, Mute, DND, Rotation Lock, VPN etc)

Ava Status Bar fully compatible with Snowboard, Alkaline, Juice & NicebarX

Use NicebarX for Dual Sim Theming

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• More Status Bar Elements coming with weekly updates


• Ava Status Bar is updated version of Nova Status Bar.

• if you already purchased from another repo then contact me with valid proof of purchase to transfer your purchase

i Use Liaca & Liaca Dark theme by me in themes setup if you want to take a look

[Premium Wallpapers find here](

Version 1.1.2
Downloads 715
Author @Devy_Design
iOS Version(s) 10.0-latest