Ava CC

Ava CC 

Where Customisation meets Perfection.

Ava CC Bring pack of beautifully crafted icons for your Prysm, BigSurCenter & Stock Control Centre.

Must checkout Ava UI & Ava Status Bar on Twickd Repo for perfect match design.

Now no need to manually copy paste anything all process now automatic you just need to enable Ava CC with Snowboard.

Ava CC Features:

• 50+ Carefully Crafted icons

• 60+ CC Toggles supported

• Custom Prysm CC Brightness & Volume icon 

• Ava CC also support Prysm Control Center

• Ava CC also support Stock apple control centre

• Ava CC also support BigSurCenter Theming

• 9 Magmaevo Presets included

Required Tweaks for Ava CC:

• Snowboard (Spark’s Repo) and Snowboard UI Extension (Spark’s Repo) 

• Flipconvert from Julioverne github repo

• Flipswitch from rpetrich repo

Note :

• BigSurCenter theming needs manual file transfer (Locate Library/Themes/Ava CC BigSurCenter icons then Copy all icons inside that folder after that Locate Library/Application Support/BigSurCenter and paste all icons inside this folder using Filza File Manager) 

• Ava CC is updated version of Nova CC.

Version 1.1
Downloads 270
Author Devy_Design
iOS Version(s) 10.0-latest