LockPlus Pro

LockPlus Pro is by far the best lock screen tweak on a jailbroken (iPhone). It has a large community and over 10 thousand downloadable FREE themes.

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it, disable options such as time in the hide items section. Respring device.

When on the lockscreen Swipe down (From the middle) to show the LockPlus menu. You can download themes from the menu.

You cannot access the LockPlus menu when notifications are on the screen. This is by design!

You cannot hide the today view if using a language that flips the device screen (arabic)

A manual is linked in the settings page to get the most out of LockPlus Pro

LockPlus is for iPhones only, while it may work on iPad all themes are designed for the iPhone

*Added name of panel when drag/dropping into a panel.
*Added innerHTML to actions for text element labels.
*Added animation timing and delay to actions.
*Added multiple snapping features
*Redesigned menus
Version 2.4.5k
Downloads 542
Author JunesiPhone
iOS Version(s) 9.0-latest