Here’s a scenario everyone has been through: you’re scrolling through your photos and then you want to take a picture, however, you always have to leave the photos app and go onto the camera app. It’s tedious having to do that every time right? Well, have I got news for you, we’ve created a way where you wont have to do something so annoying, thanks to Pixel.

Floating button

You can access to Pixel from the Photo app via the Album page whenever you need to use the camera.


• Timer: 3, 5, 10 & 15 seconds to capture the photo

• You can draw on the photo/video and choose from a range of colours.

• Add a text and colour it to your liking.

• You can add emojis or stickers to your photo/ video. You can rotate them and increase or decrease their size.

• Save the photo or video after editing them

• When clicking the delete button you’ll delete all the progress you made in terms of editing.

*Fixed and updated DRM due to Hyperixa close his website.
Version 1.2
Downloads 103
Author Hyperixa
iOS Version(s) 14.0-14.8