When was the last time Apple updated the dialer on the Phone app? A few years ago right? It’s starting to become quite dull and boring, since iOS 1 it’s only changed little by little, you could almost hardly tell the difference. So we’ve decided to add a HUGE makeover to this outdated look -by making it look much more modern and easier to navigate- so we made the decision to create this into a tweak. May I introduce to you, Resurrection!


Customise your avatar by changing your profile photo.


You can add unlimited favourites and they will be the first contacts to appear before you dial any numbers. You can choose to show favourites as primary or entry.


Once you have dialed a number all your contacts with any of those numbers will be filtered and the numbers will be highlighted.

Country codes

Ever been on holiday but didn’t know what the country code was? Resurrection includes amazing options like this so you can easily adjust them, just select what country code you would like to use and dial away then call. Simple.


You can change the accent colour, configure colour options for the delete, call, and the add contact buttons.

Actions Menu

You can copy, paste or clear any phone number that you have dialed.

*Fixed and updated DRM due to Hyperixa close his website.
Version 1.3
Downloads 93
Author Hyperixa
iOS Version(s) 14.0-14.8