You might’ve come across photos of concepts for redesigning the phone app. I bet you thought that you wanted something like that for your phone app but apple never updated it. Thankfully we’ve got jailbreak, so we built Phoenix for you guys to enjoy using the Phone app with a more pleasant, modern design and to swiftly get in touch with people who have been added to your favourites.


Completely redesigned contacts view with with a compact search bar. Faster search results than ever before which makes it easier to navigate. We have replaced the long-press action on the contacts page with a new fresh design. Its completely customisable.


You can add an infinite number of favourite contacts. With multiple categories like family, work and friends. You’ll also be able to create more categories. Long press to delete the contact. Now you can easily find your favourite contacts or the ones you interact with the most. Quickly email, call or message and be able to update their profile in a flash. You can also make their accent colour be different from everything else.

Create New Favourite

When creating a new favourite you’ll have a few categories to choose from and be able to make your own. Just simply choose your contact, choose or create a category for them and there you go!

Delete Contact

You are allowed to delete any contact within the phone app using the long-press action and then pressing the delete button. This is the fastest way to delete a contact.


When clicking on a contact you’ll still see all of their information you’ve already put and be able to put a header behind the profile picture. Its still the same profile just with a few extra things so you can have the best experience.


We’ve helped make recents have a more clean and modern design and make it more easier to use.


You can change the accent colour from blue to pink to red whatever you want! Enable to show favourites or not, turn on haptic feedback and change the accent colour of call, messages, email and delete options.

*Fixed and updated DRM due to Hyperixa close his website.
Version 2.3
Downloads 97
Author Hyperixa
iOS Version(s) 14.0-14.8