by Thenatis

A Beautiful and Vibrant iOS Theme!!


  • 180+ icons


  • Around 20+ New Icons
  • Modifications based on feedback or bugs

For more information about updates check out my twitter or discord.

Lollipop will get updates whenever they are ready. This could be done in one day, or one month, depending on how busy I am.

Icon Requests

  • You can request icons here
  • You can request up to 10 icons

Extra Info

  • If you would like to support my development you can PayPal me here
    • This also enrolls you in my beta program. You must include discord tag
  • Wallpaper in screenshots are by the Timeloop and available only on his patreon

*Updated for Havoc
*New icons
Version 1.3
Downloads 181
Author Thenatis
iOS Version(s) 9.0-latest